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Having A Fire Alarm Is Required In California, Paso Robles Fire Alarm Experts At Hansen Enterprises Say

Hansen Enterprises, a Paso Robles fire alarms company, has recently released a report titled “Having a Fire Alarm is Required in California.” This report speaks about the fact that fire alarms are required for commercial spaces and buildings in the state of California.

While that may seem obvious, many contractors and builders are unaware of that fact and are surprised when they hear about it. As a result, it is important to educate people about what sorts of fire safety is required. This report also touches on a few other different things that people should know about fire alarms. The report in its entirety can be read below.

In addition to commercial and residential fire alarms, Hansen Enterprises helps the public with a wide variety of other services. They do automation, security systems, sound systems, video surveillance, burglar alarms and more. They have been around for nearly two decades and Hansen Enterprises is locally owned and operated in the Central Coast.

Having a Fire Alarm is Required in California

Fires can absolutely decimate a building or commercial space in mere minutes. That is why having a fire alarm in a commercial business or building is incredibly important. But many people don’t know that it was actually required. That’s right, if people want to build a commercial space, it is most likely required to have a fire alarm system.

While this may seem obvious to some, many different builders and contractors aren’t aware that fire alarms were required for their project to be up to code. This can of course cause these builders to have to change plans and re-prioritize things, which can cost time and money.

With that in mind, here are a couple of other things that should be known about fire alarms.

  • Fire alarm systems (smoke detectors) should be changed every 7-10 years or else it runs the risk of becoming unreliable.
  • Fire alarms should be monitored to ensure that fire responders are notified as soon as the system encounters a problem. Hansen Enterprises offers 24 hour monitoring with all of its fire alarms systems.
  • Make sure that fire alarms systems are tested and maintained frequently to make sure they are in good working order.

Need a Paso Robles fire alarms company? Male sure to reach out to Hansen Enterprises to set up an appointment!

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