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Templeton is a small town of less than 10,000 inhabitants. Although it is one of the smaller towns in the area of San Luis Obispo County that locals call North County, it has the highest rate of growth of any city in the county. Templeton was briefly the “end of the line” for passengers riding on the Southern Pacific Railroad, and for a time in the late 1800’s, flourished. The town grew sleepy once again after the stop was moved to San Luis Obispo. Templeton was originally a part of the former Rancho Paso De Robles land grant, and was officially founded in 1886. The town was originally named Crocker, after the Vice President of the Southern Pacific Railroad, Charles Crocker, but Charles decided to instead name the town after his then two-year old son, Templeton.

Templeton is located at 35.5539° N, 120.7094° W.


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