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Atascadero Alarm Company Experts Hansen Enterprises Offer 2GIG’s New Image Sensor Motion Detector to Customers

gI_147838_Image Sensor– Atascadero alarm company Hansen Enterprises announced today that they will be offering 2GIG Technologies’ new passive infrared (PIR) motion detector for homeowners.

“It is a lot cheaper than a camera system and provides great interior photos via text message and e-mail. It’s a unique blend between a camera and your traditional motion detector,” explains Hansen Enterprise’s owner Justin Hansen.

With the latest in security technology, the alarm company Atascadero professionals at Hansen Entreprises are one of the first in the Central Coast area to offer the new 2GIG PIR motion detector to homeowners.

This new image sensor motion detector has an average range of 1,400 square feet and can easily be adjusted to fit the layout of any room. Using passive infrared sensors and a built-in camera, motion is picked up and instantly triggers an alert that is sent via e-mail and SMS message to any smartphone with clear, digital images attached.

Now, homeowners can be aware of any movements in and around their home within seconds. Plus, they’re automatically provided with the information they need to identify the source of the movement and take appropriate actions.

The 2GIG PIR Motion Detector is equipped with wireless connectivity for easy installation and its motion detection sensitivity can be configured – to prevent erroneous alerts because of pet movements. Even if no motion is detected, homeowners can seamlessly check in on their home by manually signaling the PIR motion detector to take a picture.

With a color camera, high resolution, and night vision with illumination, this is the future of home security.

For a limited time, Hansen Entreprises is offering the new 2GIG PIR Motion Detector to new and existing customers for 25-percent off. If you want to rest assured that your house is protected with the latest technology, schedule your installation appointment today with Hansen Entreprises – the trusted alarm company Atascadero residents have relied on for over 40 years.

Hansen Enterprises
PO Box 2512
Paso Robles, CA 93446
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