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Hansen Enterprises, Provider of Alarm Systems Releases The Top Tips For Choosing A Security System

–Hansen Enterprises, providing alarm systems to Paso Robles and the California Central Coast recently released the top tips for choosing a security system. Preparation is a big part of choosing the right system for home or business and these tips help home and business owners choose the best system for their budget and protection.

Choosing the right system is important for protecting home and business and there are many options and costs to consider. Some features of a system that’s going to do the job and provide the most protection for the investment is one that is flexible enough to protect all of the necessary spaces, be easily modified as needs change, and is simple to manage and maintain.

Here are the tips that help new alarm system owners determine their needs:

  • Take an inventory of all the doors, windows, and other spaces that need to be secured. These are entrance points that are the most obvious or vulnerable to intrusion. Include the garage or any other structures on the property that might also be broken into. This helps decide how many sensors will be needed.
  • Do you want to secure interior spaces, such as equipment storage or IT center in a business?
  • Where is the most convenient place for the system’s keypad? Depending on your needs, a second keypad might be in order for a second door that is also commonly used as entrance or exit, or the master bedroom.
  • Consider motion detectors in areas where multiple windows are accessible.
  • Decide the most effective locations for video surveillance cameras.
  • Include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the plan to help save additional money on your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Survey landscaping, especially trees and shrubs that might shelter an intruder from view. Majority of break-ins happen from the rear of the property.
  • How to you want to control and access the system? Choices include keyless access locks, key fobs, smart device apps, and other advanced technologies.
  • Do you want the ability to remotely monitor and control the system? This feature is a standard feature with all burglar alarm systems Hansen Enterprises installs

These tips help home and business owners gain a much clearer sense of exactly what they expect from a security system. Having this kind of information on hand when speaking with the security system experts at Hansen Enterprises gives the staff the information they need to make the best recommendations.

Based on what you need and what is discovered during the property survey, the Hansen Enterprise team can make the best recommendation.

Hansen Enterprises is a family-owned and operated technology firm, serving California since 1969. The company provides:

  • Burglar alarms – 24-hour monitoring and service for residential, commercial and industrial customers
  • Fire alarms – Fire sprinkler system monitors, fire suppression system monitoring, smoke detectors, heat detectors, and carbon monoxide
  • Access control systems – Keyless access locks, proximity ID cards, fingerprint scanners, magnetic locks, card swipes, token access, and eye retina scanners
  • Video Surveillance Systems – IP cameras, megapixel cameras, remote monitoring and viewing
  • Interactive services powered by, allowing users to manage all of their security systems, energy and home automation from smartphones, computers, or web-enabled devices.

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