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Paso Robles Fire Alarm Company Releases Fire Safety Tips

–When a fire starts in a home or business the occupants may only have a couple of minutes to escape. Hansen Enterprises, a Paso Robles fire alarm company is releasing fire safety tips to help people know what to do when the smoke or fire alarm start ringing.

Prevention is always the first step.

  • Don’t leave open flames on stoves, grills, candles and fireplaces unattended and be sure the flames are out when no longer needed. Don’t leave any stove unattended when cooking or a burner is on.
  • Don’t leave children and pets unsupervised near open flames.
  • Remove the lint from the dryer filter after every use to prevent backed-up lint from getting onto the dryer heating coils. Only run the dryer when an adult is home.
  • Avoid using overloading electric circuits and replace old or damaged appliance cords. Use extension cords sparingly and disconnect them when not in use.
  • Make sure any smoking materials such as cigarettes and pipes are fully extinguished in a safe receptacle.
  • Keep wood and dry vegetation away from the outside of the homes, businesses and other buildings. Dispose of fireplace ash in a safe area away from the house and be sure the ashes are completely cold without any embers.
  • Place fire extinguishers in the kitchen, laundry room, and in other locations in the home or business where one can be quickly accessed if needed. Be sure to properly test and maintain the fire extinguishers.
  • Install fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. Install them in every bedroom, in the hallways leading to the bedrooms, and on each level of your home, including the basement. California state law has required that detectors be installed in homes since 2011. The team from the Paso Robles fire alarm company, Hansen Enterprises, are the experts at helping families choose and install the best alarms.
  • Be sure to properly test the alarms monthly and replace the alarm or batteries according to the local fire safety recommendations.
  • Develop a fire safety plan and practice it at least twice a year. The plan should include escape routes from every room and a meeting-spot a safe distance from the home or business. Include pets in the plan. Practice the plan.
  • Teach and practice STOP, DROP, and ROLL.

In the event of a fire, GET OUT, STAY OUT, and call for HELP. If you have a cell phone with you, dial 911. If not, get to the nearest neighbor for help.

Community fire safety resources

Fire departments and the local Red Cross chapter often have fire safety resources available such as recommended fire safety plans, and regulations concerning detectors and alarms.

Check with local schools, fire departments, and community centers to find out if community fire safety training is available. If not, ask if a school district, fire department or community recreation department would be willing to help sponsor this kind of training. Resources could include representatives from the Red Cross, local emergency response teams, and fire and police departments.

Protecting home and business

Hansen Enterprises offers fire alarms and home security and related products that ensure homes and businesses are safe. There are local, state, and national code requirements, and it’s very important to be in compliance. The company offers a range of solutions to meet the needs of clients.

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