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Customers No Longer Need Multiple Landlines Dedicated to Fire Alarms, Paso Robles Fire Alarm Experts At Hansen Enterprises Say

Hansen Enterprises, a Paso Robles fire alarms company, has released a report titled “Customers No Longer Need Multiple Landlines Dedicated to Fire Alarms.”

For the longest time, building owners needed two phone lines to signal their fire alarms. This could be costly, but rules are rules. However, a revision was made to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72 National Fire Alarm Code that could save owners a lot of money, yet many owners aren’t taking advantage of it.

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While Hansen Enterprises can help with all things fire alarms, that is not all they can offer. They are a locally owned and operated business in the Central Coast and have been offering the public a wide variety of services since 2001. Whether people need help with home automation, security systems, home audio, or any other home/business technology, Hansen Enterprises can help.

Customers No Longer Need Multiple Landlines Dedicated to Fire Alarms

Up until 2010, building owners needed two landlines in their building according to the NFPA Fire Alarm Code. One needed to be a dedicated Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) line and the other could be a similar phone line or a cellular communicator. For simplicities sake, many companies decided to go with two dedicated POTS lines, which can cost well over $100 a month.

However, the NFPA made a revision that allowed for cellular communicators to be the sole means of communications. This means that business can save a significant amount of money each and every month. While this news has been out for a while, many builders, business and building owners are unaware and continue to do more work and pay more money than they need to. While there is installation costs with switching, customers will start to save money within months.

Not only did this revision make things cheaper for building owners, it also made things better. This is because cellular technology allows for quicker communication to monitoring centers. They also have better security than older and more traditional means. All in all, it makes a lot more sense to make the switch to cellular communicators.

If people still have two dedicated lines for their fire alarms, they are likely wasting money and should look into switching things up. Need to speak with a Paso Robles fire alarms company about upgrading? If so, be sure to reach out to Hansen Enterprises!

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